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about me

My Story

I've been an AP Art Studio / History educator and artist for almost 10 years, and have now transitioned into marketing. Without any creative upbringing, art searched the world and  found me, a 9 year girl on a tiny island, and granted me a gift.

My Weapons

Acrylic painting and Graphic Design are my weapons of choice. Whether it is working on a portrait or a logo design, once I get into my flow I am lost to my surroundings. Being creative frees my mind, heals my soul and leaves an impression on others.

My Drive

I am driven by the thirst of becoming the best version of myself. Every technique I've acquired; every new design I've amassed, have been gained by outwitting the devil (Napoleon Hill). Everyday I fight against being average so that I can impact my world.

The Creative Flow Podcast


We are the sum of our experiences and mine have led me here.


 From a remote island to over 10 years in Art Education, I’ve grown to love personal empowerment. 


Come with me on this journey as we do life together and live in The Creative Flow.



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