L.A. Femme LIVE-hollywood PROGRAM


Adriana Calichio

Adriana Calichio is a Fine Art Painter living and working in Southern California with over forty years of experience. She graduated at Pompeya's Art Academy in Rosario, Argentina at age twelve,  French Painter Oscar- Claude Monet's art work inspired her to become a professional Artist. Her medium of choice is oil and her work frequently includes different brush techniques which allows her the precision to render true to life expression and detail of people. She sees her Art work as a showcase of passion and desire to paint, to share her creations and leave a lasting impression to those who view them.


Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey

Altadena based abstract artist Clarissa Castillo-Ramsey has been painting since the 1970’s. Declared artist at age five, she is originally from Detroit, Michigan. She is a wife, sister, Taurus, and coffee addict. She enjoys traveling, especially to Costa Rica, She is primarily a self-taught artist. Inspiration for her artwork comes from nature, travels, emotion, and the human condition. Her mission in life is to inspire people to create new possibilities in their lives and take action, so that together we can create a community and world where we all thrive and live our best lives. Clarissa’s process in her own words: “I start with a blank canvas, no planning, just feeling, and something unexpected emerges. 


Helena Faitelson

Born in the Ukraine, Helena Faitelson is a self-taught decorative painting artist, teaching assistant, and mother for five children. She discovered her passion for art and painting at a very young age. With the years, she developed her skills and learned different painting styles. At the age of thirty, Helena discovered decorative painting style and decided to pursue this direction. Over the years Helena exposed herself to different decorative painting techniques and developed her own painting style. She works with children with special needs where she uses her art and painting skills in order to expose students to the wonderful world of art and craft. Recently Helena established her own business of wall mural painting for residential and commercial spaces. 


Karla (Kay) Kelman

Originally from the spice island of Grenada in the Caribbean, Karla (Kay) Kelman is a studio artist, as well as a graphics designer, specializing in acrylics and oils. Surviving the 1983 war in Grenada, her family migrated to Brooklyn, New York when she was only twelve years old. She later relocated to Oklahoma, in pursuit of her Fine Art degree from Oklahoma State University.  A wife of nineteen years and mother of two, her passion for the arts and her knack for providing opportunities for fellow artisans, have made her an inspirational persona. She is known for her quote, “I am driven by the thirst of becoming the best version of myself. Every technique I’ve acquired; every design I’ve created have been gained by ‘outwitting the devil’ (Napoleon Hill).”


Saige Mateo

Saige Mateo is a “mixed mutt” artist from the Lower East Side, New York. Leaving the projects and moving to Colorado on her own for college at eighteen years old, she began finding her true passion in art and photography.  She continues to travel and make art while living in the mid-western area. She exhibits most of her work in Aspen and  Steamboat Colorado. Working landscaping and photography during the summer, She spends her time residing by the river skateboarding in the summers and snowboarding in the winter. There’s a special beauty in destruction.  My struggles are no more or less intense as yours.  I use it as an outlet to show strength not only in myself but anyone looking into the eyes of my creations. 


Joanna Revel

I am a California Native, with a very dynamic Visual Communications Background, utilizing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film and Television. As well as over 14 years as a Visual Merchandiser, designing displays for my own boutique business, my deep love for visual arts and communications channeled its way into location and creative photography, utilizing the amazing backdrop and versatility of California's diverse topography and eclectic environments. I feel deeply that when one creates, one explores what's within a person's inner soul, that inner part that connects us all. Through Art, and creative expression, not only does a person tap into their inner emotions and inspirations, but connects and relates it to the viewer, and finds the common threads and emotions that unites us all.


Katie Sandridge

Katie Sandridge is the heart, soul and hands behind Painted Lady Pottery.

As a “post-40 creative” who recently relocated with her family from rainy Olympia, Washington,Katie’s dive into pottery has allowed her to realign this new season of her life with an artistic focus as she learns about ceramics and builds a creative-focused business. Member of Pomona Valley Art Association, which has been supporting fine art and artisans or 70 years. Studio potter at American Museum of Ceramic Arts (AMOCA) studio in Pomona, CA. Painted Lady Pottery pieces are sometimes functional, always nature-inspired and“perfectly imperfect” as Katie celebrates thebeauty of her new home in Southern California with fresh eyes.


Pechez Sepheri

My Name Is Pechez Sepehri. I am a member of P.V.A.A and A.A.I.E I saw your post on A.A.I.E facebook page and am Interested in participating in your Female art show. Please see  these oil paintings I call My PMS Series where i incorporated the Initials in each piece,  a play on My personal initials and the female condition.My journey finding the strength to own it.


Victoria Serna

My journey with art has allowed me to discover some of my own personal cycles and programs which has allowed a deeper discovery and understanding of myself and my role in this life. I create to play, to remind myself and others that life is meant to be experienced, and to play every opportunity that is available. Painting has allowed me to embody a playful state of living, it allows me to consciously make the decision to create from a place of enjoyment and not from a place of practicality or having to be so serious. My body of work encapsules the ever evolving experience of self discovery, and expansion of our consciousness in this life. Creating a piece is more than having an idea and executing, it is an opportunity to connect and allow my intuition to guide me during my process. I find that my artwork runs parallel with whatever it is that I am experiencing; if a creation does not emerge simultaneously with my experience then often the piece is like a foreshadowing of what is yet to come.


Ellen Stern

Born in St. Louis, Ellen began painting watercolors at age ten. She credits her grandmother for igniting the spark of creativity within her. "As a child I was very influenced by my grandma who was an oil painter. I'd sit and watch her paint for hours. She graduated from Platt College of Graphic Design, created a 40 ft. mural at the Los Angeles County Fair, displayed work at the Brand library in Glendale, as well as creating colorful illustrations for the book The Magic Stick. Possessing the true soul of an artist, I find inspiration everywhere. "I am stimulated by the beauty in nature, I'm always in awe by the aesthetics of the planet and I'm trying to capture that for just a moment I love color and often put a little bit of red in my paintings. I believe it is the lifeblood of the painting. My paintings come from within. I prefer to paint with my feelings and see what happens

la femme artiste petite

Alea Wallace


Born in Santa Ana, CA and adopted, I was given a chance to become something. I grew up living with my mother and father and my two brothers with occasional visits from my older sister. Growing up with a significant age difference between my siblings and I created an environment where I was primarily by myself making me figure out things to do on my own. This childhood led me to heavily rely on art as a form of self expression and something I could do by myself. A lot of my free time during my childhood was consumed with teaching myself how to draw original characters and filling up sketchbooks, much like now. It wasn't until 2018 when I was finally able to take an art class and further my knowledge regarding art. That was when I created my first moving acrylic piece that made a statement as well as many character design pieces ranging from digital art to watercolor. I dream of becoming a professional digital artist who creates characters for famous movies, video games, and TV shows. 

Jiaman (Isabella) Zhang


I was born in China. I was already interested in art when I was two years old. I always spend a lot time drawing. I have tried various types of painting, and finally I learned how to draw digital art. I like to draw concrete things, ancient style designs or topics that can be discussed. Because I like to come up with ideas that inspire others. I hope that when people see my art, they can think about some social issues and current family situations. Recently, I started a series called "The Only Child". This artwork tells the life of a lonely child who grows up making art to escape from the reality. I had a very happy childhood. Although I am not accompanied by friends of my age, my parents cared about me very much. However, not every child has such a childhood. So I want to show this problem of an only child through my art work to let more people understand what loneliness looks like and what an only child goes through.